May 12 - June 8


$5,600 (own credits)

$7428 (MTU credits)


(prices in US dollars)

Academic Credits


This page offers some guidance for non-MTU students who need academic credits for this course.


Non-MTU students


Non-MTU students requiring academic credits have used this field camp to satisfy their requirements in several ways.


Case 1. Non-MTU students consult with their advisor and see if their department or university will accept this field course. Then if a grade and/or academic credits are required students can ask if their advisor can submit a grade for an appropriate course at the home institution. We can provide the adviser guidance on an appropriate grade. This is the most economical approach if it can be use. Roughly half of our attendees use this approach. Email Dr. Wood at for further information and a sample of the report that will be provided the adviser on the students performance. The cost for this option is quoted in the box to the right.


Case 2. If students need academic credits transferred via transcript from MTU, they need to apply to Michigan Tech as non-degree seeking students and pay out-of-state tuition but will receive MTU credits and a transcript that can be transferred to their institution. Please contact Dr. Wood ( for further information on this.


(If you email Dr. Wood for information, be sure to indicate whether you want information on case 1 or 2 or both).